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Cleaning Service for Medical / Oxygen Components

Care must be taken in the selection of equipment and materials, which need to be oxygen compatible and free from contaminants. The main contaminates to be avoided and/or eliminated are hydrocarbon oils and greases, which are easily combustible and particulate matter, which can easily ignite or cause ignition.

Selection of the appropriate method of cleaning shall be determined by the final level of cleanliness required. TPS has the capability to clean fittings, valves, pipe, tubing and all non-metallic components for use in oxygen service. After cleaning there are several test methods available, direct visual inspection and ultraviolet light.

A clean room with bagged pipe fittings on the counter
A clean room with bagging tools on the counter

The component will be certified cleaned for oxygen service and stored by lot number in a package in a clean environment. TPS performs cleaning in a clean room specifically constructed to comply with a clean environment. Total Piping Solutions can supply required materials for Medical Gas and Vacuum applications.

Several small pipe fittings in vacuum sealed bags
Steel shelves with bins of vacuum-sealed pipe fittings